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Robinson Salvage was established in 1989 at a location in Bowdon, GA. At that time, our main source of merchandise was buying distressed railroad salvage. As the business began to grow in the early 90's, the need to find more sources of buying goods arose. This led us into the buying of damaged insurance salvage. The excitement generated by these insurance salvage stocks established Robinson Salvage as an "Adventurous" place to shop.

Because of the high demand for more merchandise, Robinson Salvage expanded to five small locations throughout West Georgia in the late 90's. Because of the unpredictability of the insurance salvage market, we began searching for other ways to source products during this time. We began buying merchandise through any means that would allow us to sell great stuff to our customers at amazing prices. 

During the early 2000's, we combined all our small retail stores into one larger, 27,000 square foot building in Carrollton, GA. We operated out of this store until 2014, when we began to buy merchandise at a faster rate and soon realized that we needed to expand. In November of 2014, we opened a second location in Dalton, GA, which was an equal size to our Carrollton store. This expansion allowed us to purchase larger stocks, and give our customers an even greater selection in our stores. In 2015, we needed a new location dedicated to only clothing and apparel-related items. Robinson's Wear it for LE$$ in Dalton solved that problem for us. During 2016, an opportunity came to open a giant, 60,000 square foot retail store in our hometown of Carrollton. This store, named Robinson's Overstock Warehouse, gives our loyal customers an even more adventurous shopping experience. We opened our fifth location in Auburn in September of 2023.


Over the years, many things at Robinson Salvage have changed, but one thing still remains the same. We want to offer our customers amazing prices and even better customer service.


As we like to say:
"Your curiosity will draw you. Our great bargains and super service will keep you!"


Clothing Store
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