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The continued success of our business model lies in our ability to buy merchandise from a wide variety sources. As retailers ourselves, we know that even a healthy business generates products that may become excess or distressed. We can be the answer to that issue for your company. We will do all we can handle these needs for you.


Why sell to Robinson Salvage?

  • We pay CASH up front.

  • We have the personnel to act immediately to provide quick, prompt service

  • We are constantly looking for long-term relationships that are win-win for both sides.

  • We are fully committed to honor any distribution restrictions that you may have regarding your product

  • We do everything possible to comply with the protection of your Brands and Labels.


Want to sell to us?

Fill out the form below to contact our buyers DIRECTLY. Or, you can email us anytime at

Thanks for your interest in selling to us! We value your business so we'll be in touch soon!

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