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As a company, we have over 30 years experience in the buying of salvage and surplus items. We search the country far and wide to find the best items at discounted prices. We will buy anything that we believe our customers will buy. 

Our main buying focus is on Insurance Salvage. We buy entire stores that were damaged by fires, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, or any other disaster. This helps us offer brand new, store ready merchandise to our customers at prices that beat the national retailers.

We also buy end of season Closeouts, Bankruptcies, Train and Truck Wrecks, Store Returns, Shelf Pulls, or any other source we can find to pass Deals on to our customers.

Because of our merchandise sources, we do not know what will be in our store on any given day. We have a consistent selection of Clothing and Everyday Consumables, but you can also find Groceries, Footwear, Health and Beauty Aids, House wares, Sporting Goods, Hardware, Pet Supplies, Electronics, Automotive supplies, Furniture and Rugs, and SO MUCH MORE!

You'll need to shop our stores often in order to find the best deals, because the best items won't last long on our shelves. Come see us to find out why we offer "An Adventure in Shopping".

Clothing Store
A Pile of Sweaters
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